Scruffin Scuffin

“I”d like a scruffin please,” I declared to the young man behind the counter. His puzzled stare informed me he had no idea what I was talking about. But, not missing too many beats, an aha light shone in his eyes as he blurted, “Oh-you mean a scuffin.”  Then it was my turn to be puzzled.  “Yes…ohhh… I get it, there is no ‘r’. Scuffin not scruffin.” We both chuckled at my faux pas.

This brief exchange occurred in the Ferry Building at Frog Hollow Farm Cafe, one of my favorite places to grab a quick breakfast when visiting San Francisco.  This was my third morning in a row eating scuffins. Instead of  being a scruffy muffin like I thought, this jam filled treat is a cross between a scone and a muffin. Tender crumbed, not too sweet nor too big for a solo eater, the crusty golden scuffins seem to fly out the door. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Until the next day, that is.

Jam made from sun ripened nectarines fills this scuffin.

With its little hint of flax seed, the scuffin keeps me coming back but I noticed the fruit-filled galettes and turnovers are marching right out of this urban farm stand as well. Other fruit-based treats like Frog Hollow’s yogurt parfaits and daily fruit smoothies also seem to satisfy a large fan base. Exploding in flavor, the fruit smoothies were stuffed with farm fresh plums and nectarines during my visit.

A scuffin and a fruit smoothie, grounded by a bowl of steel cut oats with fresh fruit and a sprinkling of almonds, more than justifies the walk from my hotel.  The cafe has a full espresso bar too, but, when visiting San Fran, I usually indulge my coffee habit with a cup of Blue Bottle’s drip coffee, only a stroll away from FHFC. I get there early enough that my wait is relatively short.

Frog Hollow Farm Cafe in the Ferry Building utilizes and sells the produce grown by the actual Frog Hollow Farm, located in Brentwood (East Bay Area.)  Besides breakfast and lunch goodies for eating in or taking out, you’ll also find an assortment of dried fruit, jams and other edible gifts worth bringing home. Don’t be discouraged by a long line; it moves quickly. Most people are en route to other destinations.

I have re-created scuffins in my kitchen with similar scruffy muffin results. But, it just isn’t the same eating a scuffin here  vs. sitting bay side in San Francisco, watching the morning commuters striding off the ferries. So I think instead of posting a recipe, I say,  go to the Frog Hollow Farm Cafe for the full experience.

If you go:

Frog Hollow Farm Cafe is located in the Ferry Building, on the Bay side of the building, right across from boulette’s larder. Make sure to check out boulette’s larder, too. This chic little spot will remind you that you are indeed in San Francisco.

Frog Hollow Farm also mans a produce booth in the Farmer’s Market that surrounds the exterior of the Ferry Building every Saturday. Though filled with tourists like me, the farmer’s market is worth the visit, especially on a sunny morning. Check out the following link for a market description.