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Sangria fan that I am, this recipe caught my attention via an NPR broadcast just before Thanksgiving.    I have made it twice: for our Thanksgiving celebration and for a Christmas party.  And I’ll make it again before the holiday season is over.  Light, flavorful and festive, this ruby red sangria is a refreshing addition to your cocktail table.

Use the leftover simple syrup as a base for cranberry relish.

Another link I’m sharing will take you to a black bean and sweet potato enchilada recipe which became an easy dinner earlier this week.  Drink your sangria with this one.

Omitting the cheese and the sour cream is okay (no flavor loss.) Fresh salsa can stand in for bottled salsa.

Last but not least, I treated myself to a copy of Bon Appétit this month as the cover features yummy Speculoos, a spiced cookie that originated in Belgium or Holland…or Germany (?). Typically a molded cookie, the recipe for cute speculoos buttons comes to Bon Appétit via cookie maven, Dorie Greenspan. I baked these cookies and can attest to their crunchy, lightly spiced goodness. Because they disappeared quickly, I’m baking more Speculoos this afternoon. Instead of frosting and colored sugars, I opted to roll and sprinkle the cookies with Demerara sugar. My decorating may not be as fancy as the magazine cover,  but I am certain the cookies are just as tasty.

As a side note:

After eating a few of these cookies, my son told me I need to make a Trader Joe’s run for their speculoos spread. Have you had it?


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