Three Warming Soups

The best date bars and chocolate mousse, ever, are foremost on my mind but the purpose of this post is to draw your attention to 3 warming, weather-perfect soups for what has been a rather frigid January. Two of the recipes are from soup guru Anna Thomas and the third I found in the New York Times. All three recipes are available online so once again I am relying on links to guide you to the sources.

My memory was jogged during a recent episode of Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s The Splendid Table  when I caught an interview with Anna Thomas, author of Love Soup, speaking about her recipe for Green Soup.  Though Love Soup is full of great recipes, it has languished on my shelf this soup season as newer books and my own experiments have held sway.  No more. I pulled Love Soup off the shelf, rediscovered the many Green Soup recipes, compared them to the recipe Thomas discussed on The Splendid Table (posted on the TST website) and went with the latter.  It was the most simple and all of the ingredients were at hand.

While on the The Splendid Table website, another Anna Thomas recipe, also a green soup, and from Love Soup, caught my eye. Intrigued by the combination of kale, sweet potato, cumin and lemon, I prepared this soup a few days later.  Both green soups are easy, economical and excellent; full of nutrients, low in fat and big in flavor. I’ll make both again.

The third recipe, for a Minestrone, was published in the New York Times yesterday as part of an article spotlighting celery. Frequent NYT contributor Martha Rose Shulman discusses the healthful benefits and uses of a crunchy vegetable that most of us take for granted.  It may not assert itself when eaten as a low calorie alternative to a potato chip, but in cooking, celery adds a certain brightness which makes it a key player and flavor changer. You certainly miss it when it is not there.

Three Soup Links

Green Soup by Anna Thomas
I used lacinato kale as my green in this soup.

Kale and Sweet Potato Soup with Cumin & Lemon
Curly green leaf kale and garnet yams were my main ingredients.

Lentil, Celery & Tomato Minestrone Soup
The type of lentils is not specified. I chose to use French lentils. I also added the spinach mentioned under Variation.

Love Soup by Anna Thomas is a dependable go-to vegetarian soup cookbook, surely available at your local bookstore.

I’ve been listening to The Splendid Table on my local public broadcasting radio station for years. Until recently it aired here on Sundays at 6pm. However the time has changed to Sundays at 3pm which means I’ll rarely catch the show but if that time works for you, make sure to tune in. It is well worth the listen.


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