Day Tripping

I pick berries in many places, but the bushes I frequent  the most grow in the fields of Smith Berry Barn amid the amiable community of Scholls. This haven for berry pickers is an easy drive from Portland. Depending on your picking prowess, you can be in and out of there within an hour or two.  (Plus your driving time.)

For a more leisurely experience, I suggest a half day visit.  A half day will allow you more time to pick a few buckets of berries, peruse the garden market, wander the lavishly stocked gift store, and make tracks across the street to the South Store Cafe for lunch.

If you are only seeking a fun outing in the “country” and don’t care a whit about picking berries, drive out to the charming South Store Cafe for breakfast or lunch.  After eating in the century old building, cross the road to Smith Berry Barn simply to look…and buy a pint or two of berries that someone else has picked…maybe just for you.

With more time to spare in the area, drive another mile beyond Smith Berry Barn to Mountainside U-cut Lavender Farm, situated atop a winding driveway to the right.  Here, lavender aficionados can cut bunches and bunches of purple and white lavender as well as visit the onsite boutique featuring, you guessed it, all things lavender.  But don’t forget your camera.  Judging by the number of people taking or posing for photos, this picturesque place may be mostly frequented for photo ops. Plentiful scenery and quaint, rustic props offer an array of photographic settings. 

You may want to call ahead to confirm hours:

Smith Berry Barn  503-628-2172

South Store Cafe   503-628-1920

Mountainside U-Cut Lavender Farm  503-936-6744


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